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LG lithium ion battery 18650 cells

LG chem is a global leader in lithium ion battery 18650 cell production with a quarter of its market share, with high-tech automation and robotics production processes. The most Popular models like lg 18650 m26, lg 18650 mh1, lg chem inr 18650 hg2 battery, lg chem 18650 mj1, lg f1l 18650, lg h2 18650, lg hb6 18650, lg he4 18650. They are widely apply in different industry area.

There are three Major electric car battery manufacturers today’s market : Panasonic, AESC and LG Chemical. Panasonic supplies Tesla, a joint venture between NEC and Nissan. LG Chemical has partnered with 13 of the world’s top 20 automotive brands, and regardless of production capacity, LG Chemical has become the world’s “largest” supplier of lithium-ion batteries for automotive use, regardless of production capacity. So, the secret to LG’s chemical success is that keeping costs down is the key to long-term success, relying on the expertise of chemistry and materials technology.

LG 18650 cell

LG brown 18650 cell wholesale

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The Most Popular LG 18650 lithium battery cells

lg 18650 battery cells

LG 18650 mh1

3.7v Max discharge up to 20A. Similar with NCR18650BD

lg hg2 18650 battery

LG chem 18650 hg2 3000mah

lg brown 18650, Lable LGDBHG21865. Max Discharge current 20A

MJ1 LG3500mAh 3.7V

LG chem 18650 mj1 with lable LGDBMJ11865 3500mAh

lg f1l 18650 3350mah

LG f1l 18650 cell

LG  inr18650 3350mah LGGBF1L18650

LG m26 18650

3.7v LG M26 2600mah cell Max Discharge Current 10A

lg hb6 18650

LG hb6 18650 cell

LG hb6 18650 with Capacity 1500mah. Max Discharge current up to 30A

lg he4 18650 cell

LG he4 18650 3.6V

LG-HE4 2500mAh Max Discharge current 20A. LGDBHE4  18650

LG 18650 battery Pack

Battery Pack with LG Chem 18650

CMX Custom Make LG 18650 battery pack for different applications

This is a battery without any protection. If you need PCM top button 18650 battery with PCM, please check here.