Military rechargeable batteries

Today’s military equipment is required to operate in extreme conditions: dry/hot deserts, humid tropical jungles and frigid arctic locations. The equipment has also become increasingly powerful and sophisticated – and absolutely must perform reliably under all conditions. High rate capability, light weight, more power per unit volume, no voltage delay even after long storage periods, operation in a wide range of temperatures, long storage life, and safety have made Ultralife lithium batteries the logical choice for military organizations and OEMs worldwide.

CMXBATTERY is an China based Lithium ion battery manufacture of custom military rechargeable batteries. Because military grade battery has to be able to perform in even the harshest environments, our military lithium ion batterie are specially engineered with quality and reliability in mind. We guarantee your product will perform as required, and provide thorough electrical and mechanical testing, as well as complete traceability, for all our military rechargeable lithium batteries assemblies.

CMX has worked closely with prime contractors and Departments of Defense from around the world to offer a comprehensive line of safe, high-performance lithium batteries capable of supporting a variety of military applications including: communications, thermal imaging, night vision, surveillance, targeting, chemical detection, search & rescue, undersea mines and many other types of equipment.

military batteries production

Battery Pack R&D


We design, develop, and manufacture military battery pack assemblies for numerous military grade battery applications, including:

CMX high-energy non-rechargeable lithium-manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) -CR123A and rechargeable lithium ION batteries-18650 cells are used by military organizations throughout the world to power a wide range of communications equipment, imaging devices, chemical agent monitors, weapons systems and many other devices. Our advanced-technology Li/MnO2 batteries provide 50% to 100% more operating time than lithium-sulfur dioxide (Li/SO2) batteries.

Military grade rechargeable lithium ion batteries/Military battery pack

More and more of the equipment soldiers requires military rechargeable batteries as primary energy sources or as backup power supplies. Nearly everything a modern soldier carries, from daylight video scopes and GPS units to wireless transceivers and thermal weapon scopes, incorporates battery power. CMXbattery researches, designs, and develops smaller, more powerful, and more reliable custom military battery pack that make it easier for soldiers to carry their equipment into training and combat.

With recent advances in armament technology, defense and aerospace OEMs rely on highly complex energy solutions more than ever. Battery management systems (BMS) in modern battery packs monitor and manage the condition of the batteries throughout their working lives, providing information on the batteries’ temperature and state of charge. The BMS communicates this information to a host device. We design and develop custom software and testing procedures for BMS in military rechargeable batteries.

Follow are some military battery pack, which is designed as military grade battery. Request a quote for the custom military battery pack you need, or contact Coremax to learn more About Battery Technology.