battery safty
lithium battery safty

Diaphragm 135 degrees C automatic shutdown protection, using the international advanced Celgars2300PE-PP-PE three-layer composite Membrane. In the case of the battery heating up to 120 degrees C, the membrane holes on both sides of the PE composite film are closed and the intra-battery resistance increases
large, the battery internal heating slows down. When the battery heats up to 135 degrees C, the PP membrane hole is closed and the inside of the battery is broken. The battery no longer heats up to ensure that the battery is safe and reliable.

Add an additive to the electrolyte under the condition that the battery voltage is higher than 4.2V
Agent and other substances in the electrolyte polymerization, the intra-battery resistance increased significantly, the battery internal formation of a large area of broken,
The battery no longer heats up.

Battery cover composite structure Battery cover using nick explosion-proof ball structure, battery heating, battery internal activation process
The resulting part of the gas expansion, the battery pressure increased, the pressure reached a certain degree of nick rupture, release.

Various environmental abuse tests conducted abuse experiments, such as external short circuits, overfilling, needles, shocks, incineration
and so on, to examine the safety performance of the battery. At the same time, the temperature shock experiment and vibration, drop, shock and other forces of the battery
to examine the performance of the battery in the actual use of the environment.