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Small rechargeable 12v 10ah lithium ion-li ion battery

This 36v 4.4 ah lithium ion battery pack is specifically designed for electric scooter or ebike. Apply with high quality Samsung 18650 battery cells 10 in series 2 parallel.
36v 4.4 ah battery pack comes with a very advanced BMS (battery management system) with Texas Instruments IC inside which protects the pack from damage during charge and discharge. This BMS also has temperature protection to keep the pack from getting too hot.

36v 4.4 ah lithium battery samsung

36v 4.4 ah lithium battery samsung

  • Nominal Voltage: 36V
  • Nominal Capacity 4.4Ah
  •  Size 58*85*135mm
  • Original package
  • Immediately delivery
  • High capacity, low impedence, stable characteristics
  • Long cycle life
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Product Name    samsung  36V 4.4Ah 10S2P Lithium Battery Pack for Hoverboard and scooter
Combination Method   10S2P (10 in series 2)
Optional Capacity   1800mAh 2000mAh 2200mAh 2400mAh 2600mAh 3000mAh       3200mAh 3400mAh
Battery Model   18650 samsung
Product Weight   Customized
Rated Voltage   36V
Rated Capacity   4400mAh
Rated Power   158Wh
Internal Resistance   200~300mΩ milliohm
Maximum Charge Current   3C
Standard Discharge Current   0.2C
Fast Discharge Current   0.5C
Charging Temperature   0-40°C
Discharge Temperature   -20-60°C
Storage Temperature   -20-40°C
Cycle Life   500 times
PCM & BMS Function Overcharge Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Temperature Protection, Charge Leveling, Battery Data Monitoring.

36v 4.4 ah lithium scooter battery Protective Function:

1. Battery overcharge function: Charge the battery between P+ and P- to charge the battery. When the voltage is charged to 4.25±0.05V (can be designed according to requirements), the protection circuit operates to shut off the charging path to achieve overcharge protection.

2. Battery over-discharge protection function: Connect the load between P+ and P- to discharge the battery. When the battery voltage drops to 2.5±0.1V (can be designed according to requirements), the protection circuit will act and turn off the discharge path to achieve overdischarge protection.

3. Short circuit protection function: When P+ and P- are short-circuited, the protection circuit will quickly act within 5-50uS, cut off the path, and achieve short circuit protection.

4. Over-current protection function: When the B-side and P-side voltages reach (0.15±0.02V), the protection circuit will quickly act within 5-26ms to cut off the path and achieve over-current protection.

5. Temperature protection: When the product temperature reaches the operating temperature, the temperature control switch will cut off the line to achieve the role of temperature protection.

36v scooter battery