12 volt lithium iron phosphate battery

( LiFePo4 or LFP battery) is a 4S LiFePo4 battery. Nominal voltage 12.8v. 12 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate has been the major product in the Rechargeable Batteries market over the past year, and it was very popular in the United States, Finland, Sweden, Vietnam, and Canada. 12v LiFePo4( LFP) battery with Long Life cycles. Rated up to 5000 times.  It is widely used for different applications: Power Tooling, Lighting Equipment, E-bike, Scooter, UPS, Solar Energy Storage System, Electric Vehicle, houseboat, E-boat, RV, other Electronic Products.

The lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of rechargeable battery based on the original lithium-ion chemistry, created by the use of Iron (Fe) as a cathode material. It is not yet widely in use. LiFePO4 cells have a higher discharge current, do not explode under extreme conditions and weigh less but have lower voltage and energy density than normal Li-ion cells.

Coremax 12 volt lithium iron phosphate batteries are a perfect replacement for the conventional lead-acid, AGM, gel batteries for its high performance and increased efficiency and can be widely used in many fields like camping cars, RV motorhome, golf carts, boat marine yachts, electric skateboard, and mining light.