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At CMXBATTERY, we manufacture custom lithium ion batteries for medical devices accroding to medical device battery regulations.Coremax develop custom power backup medical grade batteries for a broad spectrum of healthcare applications, from emergency to surgical to therapeutic and beyond. We provide in-house design capabilities, full traceability, and intensive testing to ensure that our medical device battery pack assemblies meet or exceed medical device battery regulations and customer expectations.

As a medical device battery manufacturers, provide customized li ion rechargeable battery, lipo battery(lithium polymer) pack, with 14.8 v, 7.4 v. 3.7 v
Smart BMS based on customer’s device. we fully understand, Countless medical devices used in saving lives, preserving good health, and introducing new life depend on customized battery packs, from Lifespan, either as their primary energy source or as backups to protect against power failure. Coremax as a medical batteries supplier takes pride in delivering the highest quality medical device battery pack for these medical devices.

  • Ultrasound devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Patient monitors
  • Imaging systems
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Surgical tools
  • Motorized wheelchairs…..

Battery Pack R&D

medical grade battery

Batteries for medical devices

Coremax facilities are made by medical device battery regulations. to guarantee that our capabilities, equipment, and facility itself meet their requirements. Because medical grade batteries assembly technology is constantly evolving, we utilize advanced testing methods to ensure that all our battery packs perform at the highest possible levels. We perform three critical tests on every medical battery pack we manufacture: inspection of all incoming components, in-process inspection during assembly, and final inspection. Additional testing, as requested by our medical OEM clients, can be performed as well.

Coremax provide batteries for medical devices for all your medical equipments. Medical grade battery is critical and help patients to keep health or live a comfortable life. We suggest only use medical grade batteries.

Medical device battery packs

Custom Your medical grade lithium ion battery Now ?

Coremax provide batteries for medical devices. As a Lithium ion battery supplier, We only use top grade and reliable medial grade lithium ion cells. Because we know, a battery Failure could waste someone’s life.

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