lithium ion forklift battery is become more and more popular. Because the long life cycle and it is the most reconditioned forklift battery in the coming years.

WHY CHOOSE lithium ion forklift battery?

Economical and space – lithium ion forklift battery eliminate the need for spare batteries and charging rooms. Save time and money by eliminating time spent on watering, cleaning and equalizing forklift batteries.
Longer, more consistent performance – As lead-acid batteries discharge, their voltage drops. Meaning the longer they work, the slower they run.
Lithium-ion batteries store about three times more energy than a conventional battery, provide consistent voltage, and don’t slow down your machine as they discharge.
Safer for Employees and Better for the Environment – Lithium-ion lift truck batteries have a 4x longer life cycle, are 30% more energy-efficient, do not emit fumes or CO2, and there’s no risk of acid spills.
Fully-charged in as little as one hour – Lead-acid batteries need 8 hours to charge and another 8 hours to cool down. A lithium-ion forklift battery can fully charge in as little as an hour, or at the very least make more efficient use of opportunity

Efficient, maintenance-free and long-lived – those are the advantages of our lithium-ion battery. With fast charging times, no maintenance and a long battery life, you do not only benefit from reduced total costs. This form of energy storage also involves a high level of efficiency when charging and recuper-ating braking energy and facilitates energy savings of more than 20 percent.

lithium ion forklift battery

Lithium ion forklift battery Powered

Are lithium ion forklift battery Worth the Extra Cost?

The answer requires a bit of analysis. First, is your current charging system meeting the needs of your application? How much downtime does your operation experience? Also, what is the (labor) cost per month to maintain and charging batteries? The cost to maintain lead-acid batteries can really add up over the long term.

For multi-shift operations: lithium-ion batteries pay for themselves in just a few years. An average single-shift operation will find lithium-ion batteries pays for themselves in about five years, sometimes less. Keep in mind li ion batteries last up to four times longer so you’ll be buying batteries less often.


Product Voltage Capacity Note
Lithium battery powered forklift truck 24v 100ah-720ah Utility vehicle /tray carriage /pallet truck /towing tractor vehicle
48 volt 100Ah-720Ah 48v Forklift 1.5-3 ton
80v 100ah-720ah 48v Forklift 1.5-3 ton
144v 100ah-720ah Big forklift
538v 100ah-720ah Big forklift

The high-performance energy cells of the lithium-ion battery are characterized by very short charging times. After a oppor-tunity charging time of only 30 minutes, the battery absorbs 50 percent of its capacity. After 80 minutes, it reaches its full charge status. The opportunity charging option enables you to use your vehicles continuously for up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without changing batteries.

lithium ion forklift battery VS  Lead acid battery

Coremax forklift lithium-ion battery and energy storage uniquely combine the benefits of lithium-ion LFP with our patented Battery Management System (BMS). This maximizes performance and longevity to dramatically outperform and outlast traditional batteries and energy storage solutions, and at a much lower lifetime cost.

Using the latest lithium-ion LFP technology, we developed a totally maintenance-free battery featuring an impressive life expectan-cy of up to 3,000 full and significantly more partial discharge cycles. By comparison: The average service life for lead-acid batteries ranges from 900 to 1,200 cycles.

Lithium VS lead acid

lithium ion forklift battery VS Lead Acid

Hydrogen fumes and “acid splash” are a health and safety concern for workers maintaining lead acid batteries. Risks include sulfuric acid contacting their clothing, skin or eyes. Such potential health and safety hazards are eliminated when using lithium ion LiFePo4 batteries.

  • Far less money spent on energy for charging batteries

  • Less time and labor expended by workers swapping out lead acid batteries

  • Spend Less time and labor spent maintaining and watering lead acid batteries

  • Less energy wasted (a lead acid battery burns off 45-50% of its energy in heat, while a lithium battery loses only 10-15%)

Get Hands On With coremax Technology

Build your own custom lithium ion forklift truck batteries. With Most safety LiFePo4 technology from Coremax.


Industrial forklift batteries for Popular brands

We support to custom make following brand lithium ion forklift battery: mitsubishi ,tcm,nexsys, nissan,clark electric, raymond, yale electric, hyster electric, toyota,vcrown, deka forklift. Provide 48v and 24 volt LFP Lithium ion battery technology to meet battery energy for Utility vehicle /tray carriage /pallet truck /towing tractor vehicle