Industrial lithium ion battery

The battery widely apply with industry like solar storage UPS system, Forklift, …
Our area of expertise is in the planning, design, and implementation of production lines for the manufacture of:

Battery cells and modules
Cylindrical lithium ion battery , pouch(lipo), and prismatic can cells
24v (24volt), 48v (48volt) rechargeable lithium ion Battery packs

Coremax key to success is ensuring high quality levels , while at the same time increasing cost efficiency by optimizing the value chain. Engineers in our development departments are leveraging their expertise gained in the industry to continually improve our systems. Furthermore, we offer corresponding testing technology for these products.

Our expertise from the automotive industry benefits us in the development process. As a system partner, we are succeeding in combining proven processes from the automotive industry with internal expert knowledge from the battery industry to bring forward robust and technologically advanced production systems.

expertise on battery production

Automation and digitalization expertise on battery production

Coremax’s flexible automation and digitization production service have already proven themselves in numerous industries. They enable reliable and efficient mass production, ensuring long-term economic success.

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