18650 Battery Pack Calculator

Many clients as us. Is there a 18650 Battery Pack Calculator provided by Coremax. Well, we understand that, when we are thinking about design a 18650 battery pack. It is really helpfull to have a calculator for it. Considering about the varity of different application area. It could be a big gap differs. First, there are too many different 18650 battery cells in the market. We need have some basic knowing about the 18650 cells first. Following are things we need to consider when calulate for design a custom 18650 battery pack.

  • 18650 battery capacity. We are talking about the actual capacity of the cells. Capacity on the lable is only for references.

  • Internal resistance– The resistance internal of the 18650 battery cells.

  • Volt and Self-Discharge – Voltage of 18650 cells The self discharge rate of the cells.

18650 battery Calculator about Parallel and Series

To Achieve the expected operating voltage( the 18650 battery pack’s voltage). We should connecting the 18650 cells in series to increase the voltage. For example: if you want a 36 volt. We should connect 10pcs 3.7 volt 18650 cell in series. Make sure each cell with same Capacity, internal resistance and self discharge rate is same also. Additional, we should use the cell produced by same pilot( never mix different brand cell, different capacity, different voltage).
To Achieve the expected Capacity( the battery pack capacity). We should connect the 18650 cells in paraller. Battery pack capacity as we expected. For example. When we have a 3.7v 2500mah 18650 cell. And Want achieve 20Ah. In this way, we need 8pcs 18650 cell in paraller.

Other factors on 18650 Battery Pack Calculator

As everything device are different physically. Image it, when your battery pack is ready, and it can’t be fit in your device. I guess you will say dirty words on it. When you consider a calculator on battery pack, First thing is the size for the final battery pack, size limitation will decide which battery cell to choose from, a 18650 cell is a standard battery cell with 18(C)*65(H) mm in size, Make a drawing and layer the cells in an optimized way, to get the expected design size of battery pack. people will need to choose lithium polymer battery cell if size limitation of thickness less then 18mm like 10mm.

Is there any way I can calculate a battery pack cost by myself?

18650 Battery cell, even they are looks same, but with different features. I guess you should contact with your battery supplier first to get a quotation. This is more responsible to you or your clients. Never calculate by yourself by assumption.

To further understand how to calculator a 18650 battery Pack

  • For the series connection, batteries with same(almost) voltage and capacity are connected to raise the voltage of final battery packs. The positive terminal of the first battery is connected to the negative terminal of a second battery and so on until the desired voltage is reached. The final voltage is the amount of all battery voltages added together while the final capacity(Ah) remains unchanged.
  • While for parallel connection, batteries with same(almost) voltages and capacities are connected together to increase the capacity of the overall battery pack. The positive terminals of all batteries are connected together, or to a common conductor, and all negative terminals are connected in the same kinds. The final voltage remains unchanged whilst the capacity of the assembly is the sum of all individual cells together for such parallel design.
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