Solar energy Storage backup battery

LiFePo4 battery pack for Solar energy Storage & Power backup systems

Coremax is specialize in manufacturing custom Solar Energy storage backup batteries, LiFePo4 battery pack for energy storage.  We Provide custom made batteries, in a wide range of chemistry types and configurations to meet our customers’ performance and size requirements, and supply complete solar energy storage backup LiFePo4 battery systems, that can be customized as required to meet specific customer needs.

We offer both LiFePo4 battery packs and rechargeable li-ion battery packs. Coremax using proven chemistries and technologies to give our customers a broad range of possibilities for their Solar energy storage battery pack designs.

The Advantage for using custom LiFePo4 energy storage battery pack as Following:

  • Chemistry offers a longer cycle life than other lithium-ion.
  • LiFePO4 has higher current or peak-power ratings than LiCoO2.
  • Lithium iron phosphate cells are much harder to ignite in the event of mishandling (especially during charge) although any fully charged battery can only dissipate overcharge energy as heat.
19 inch 3U battery rack

Battery Pack R&D

LiFePo4 battery Pack Application

Large Electric Vehicle: Bus, Electric Auto, Tour bus and Mild-Hybrid etc. Slow Electric Vehicle: Squad Car, E-bike, Golf Cart, Flat car, Forklift Truck, Dumper, All Terrain Vehicle,Scooter, Wheelchair etc. Backup Power Systems: Solar Energy Systems,Medical Equipment, UPS and EPS etc. Power Tools and Toys: Electric Drill, Electric Screw Driver, Electric Saw, Cleaner and Remote ControlCar, Aero model, Model Ship etc.

Following are some Ready to use LiFePo4 solar energy storage battery packs, which is designed for customers. Request a quote for the custom LiFePo4 solar energy storage battery packs you need, or contact Coremax to learn more About Battery Technology.


Deep cycle 48v 100ah lifepo4 li-ion narada akku lvtopsun rack mount lithium ion batteries

Deep cycle 48v 100ah solar inverter lithium ion battery system Solar inverter lithium ion battery Deep cycle 48v 100ah lifepo4 lithium ion battery system is design for solar inverter. It is a perfect li-ion battery for in house solar energy storage. The design like


10kWh LiFePo4 wall mounted battery storage system

48 vdc 10kwh Tesla Powerwall Alternative 10kwh Lithium LiFePo4 Power wall Nominal voltage: 51.2v (48v system) Nominal capacity: 200Ah Discharge Capability: 100A Modules dimensions: 769*580*235MM Cell type: BYD prismatic LiFePo4 cells 16S Ask for Quotation Specifications Features CMX


48v 600Ah LiFePo4 30kwh lithium ion solar energy storage system

Supply 48v 600Ah LiFePo4 30kwh lithium ion solar energy storage system 48v 600ah 30 kwh LiFePo4 System A 30kwh Solar energy battery storage system is most popular size for small home and business application. Coremax 30 kwh lithium ion lfp battery system built by


LiFePo4 48v 105Ah trojan for 48 volt golf cart battery Pack

48v 105Ah trojan for 48 volt golf cart conversion Nominal voltage: 48v Nominal capacity: 105Ah Discharge Capability: 200A Application: Golf cart, electric Scooters Cell Type: Lithium ion LiFePo4 prismatic Grade A cells Ask for Quotation Specifications About the Coremax Golf cart battery Coremax developed this 48v 105Ah


48v 200ah Lithium ion powerwall LiFePo4 Battery Over 20 Years lifespan

48v 200ah Lithium ion LiFePo4 powerwall Battery 48v 200ah Lithium ion battery 48v 200ah 10kwh LiFePo4 Lithium battery pack build with high quality BYD prismatic LiFePo4 cells. Rated life cycle over 5000. Service life more then 15 years. This lifepo4 powerwall is special design


Lifepo4 battery pack 48v 500ah

48v 500ah lifepo4 battery storage system 48v 500ah lifepo4 battery bank 48v 500Ah solar energy battery storage system is a combination of 5pcs CMX48100. 5pcs modular connect in parallel total 48v 500Ah. and 25Kwh storage system. The System nominal voltage is 51.2v with 16S LiFePo4


48V 300AH LIFEPO4 Battery pack

48V 300AH LIFEPO4 300 Amp Hour 48 Volt Lithium ion Battery pack LiFePo4 battery 48v 300ah Pack 48v 300ah battery build by large prismatic LiFePo4 battery cells and high quality BMS allowed for high discharge. It support max up to 300A discharge


OEM 48v 100Ah LiFePo4 battery bank

Supply 48v 100Ah OEM LiFePo4 4800kwh Battery pack 48v 100ah modular Recently GYLL is popular. OSM can provide OEM service for GYLL or any other brand on 48v 100Ah LiFePo4 battery storage. The battery module come with 4800 wh or 5.12 kwh. This module design


48v battery 5kw lithium ion LiFePo4 48v 5000w 5kwh deep cycle battery storage

lithium ion battery 48v 5000w lifepo4 48v battery pack 48v 5kwh battery CMX 48v 5kwh battery is produced with latest LiFePo4 technology. Built in Battery management system. This lifepo4 48v battery pack is stackable up to 16pcs in parallel. Easy to build 5kwh system( 1pcs).