18650 Battery Cells

18650 Batteries (Rechargeable) original Genuine Cells
Li ion 3.7V – High Performance – Long cycle life. NCR, NCM, LFP cylindrical cells.
High Capacity – Low Drain or High Discharge – Can be recharged at any time – No memory effects.
PCB Protected (electronic protection circuit built in) or unprotected cells.
We provide only GRADE A original genuine Li ion power rechargeable cells – highest quality, and dependability by all manufacturing standards.
Bulk (wholesale) battery cells are available. Manufactuer based in China supply directly with lowest price cost.
Authentic (Tested): CMX, Samsung, Panasonic-Sanyo, Sony-Murata, Include China brand 18650 Li-ion rechargeable 18650 battery cells. Large, PKcell, FST,CJ, BAK
You are safe with CMX-Only Genuine Cells-12 years of experience.