24V Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer

24V lithium ion batteries with 6S Li ion battery cells, the pack system with nominal volt 25.9 v. Charging voltage 29.4 volt. The battery with PCB BMS protection for safty in charging and discharge. make sure battery pack has a long cycle life. 24V lithium ion batteries are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

wheelchair, motorcycle, scooter, E-bikes, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle), Golf Cart, Forklift, truck
LED Work Light,Flashlights,Emergency & Exit Light,Solar Street Light
Medical devices(Advanced Medical Cart, Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, HeartStart Monitor/Defibrillators ) and So on.

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Advantages of Lithium ion Battery

  • Lithium ion Battery has High Energy Density
  • Low Self Discharge Rate. Long Battery Life Circle up to 500
  • Wide Operation Temperature -40℃ ~+80℃, Hard Conditions are OK
  • Cylindrical, Pouch & Prismatic forms Available

Application of 24v lithium ion Battery Pack

solar light

Solar LED Street Light

Electric wheelchair

Electric Wheel chair

5G base Station

5G Base Station Back up

E stooter

Electric scooter

golf cart

Golf cart Lithium ion battery


Lithium-ion marine Battery

Ebike battery

Electric Bike Batteries 24 volt

Ragular 24 v Li ion battery packs

24v 200ah lifepo4 wall mounted
  • Model: 24 v 200Ah
  • Cell Type: Prismatic LiFePo4 battery cells
  • Capacity: 100Ah/200Ah
  • Application: Solar Energy storage system/Powerwall
12v 300ah lithium ion battery
  • Model: 24 v 100Ah
  • Cell Type: ICR 18650 cells samsung / sony / LG / FST/ Panasonic
  • Capacity: 100Ah / 150Ah
  • Application: marine / golf cart/ truck
12 volt 12ah lithium ion battery
  • Model: 24 v 7Ah
  • Cell Type: ICR 18650 cells samsung / sony / LG / FST/ Panasonic
  • Capacity: 7Ah / 5Ah
  • Application: motorcycle / LED light /sprayer
50 Ah 24 V LiFePO4 battery
  • Model: 24 v 50Ah
  • Cell Type: ICR 18650 cells samsung / sony / LG / FST/ Panasonic
  • Capacity: 50Ah / 100Ah
  • Application: marine / wheelchair

Steps to Custom Your 24V Lithium ion Battery

  1. Select the right lithium battery cells for your  24 v lithium ion battery pack

samsung 18650 rechargeable battery

Cylindrical Lithium Battery

  • Cell Chemistry: NMC(latest NMC811), NCA or LFP
  • Size: Cubic,Rectangle
  • MOQ: MOQ 100 for custom battery
  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-20C
  • Circle Life: 500-1000
  • Cost: Low
  • Common Types: 18650,18500,22650, 26650,32650,21700

Lithium polymer batteries

  • Cell Chemistry: NMC(latest NMC811), NCA or LFP
  • Size: Custom any Size
  • MOQ: MOQ 10000 for custom battery
  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-80C
  • Circle Life: 500-1000
  • Cost: High
  • Common Models: 803860,103450, 503450,803040,606090
LiSheng 72Ah LiFePo4

Prismatic Lithium ion batteries

  • Cell Chemistry: NCM or LFP
  • Size: Cubic,Rectangle
  • MOQ: MOQ 50 for custom battery
  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-40C
  • Circle Life: 2000-6000
  • Cost: Normal for high capacity
  • Common Types:2714891,1865133, 2770134,30135220,20100140

2. Select the right Battery Management System( BMS)

Battery Management System (usually short for BMS), which is an electronic regulator that mainly designed to monitor and control the charging and discharging voltage and current of lithium battery cells or other rechargeable cells.
For Battery packs that contain too many battery cells, since battery cells voltage and capacity are not performing the same all the time, that’s why BMS comes out. A BMS is a simple electronics system to measure and control voltage and current. and it will stop charging when the desired voltage is reached.

For example, in 10 cells pack, some battery cell may reach its full capacity already, while others might only 80% full. In case battery cell are already charged full, the BMS will shut down the power flow, in case there is no BMS, the already filled charged battery cell will go on with the charging and thus will short its life or even cause heat or fire.

Our BMS can monitor many more factors such as temperature, humidity,etc.. we can even send data to computer or App, so your customer can read the data on time.


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