Factory Tour

Battery Production Process


Mix solvent and bond separately with positive and negative active materials. Make into positive and negative pasty materials after stirring at high speed till uniformity.


Coat metal foils uniformly with the made-up pasty materials on two sides. Then make sheets dry.


Press the above positive and negative sheets till they become flat.


Cut a roll of positive and negative sheet into smaller sheets according to battery specification and punching requests.

Pole pieces

Cut the pole pieces, solder poles, and plate adhesive tape automatically according to technical parameters.


Separate the positive and negative plate with separator, wind into battery cells along central spindle, and then plate terminate tape.

Insulation Test 1

After separate anode and cathode by separator paper; a battery cell has formed, then test its insulation.

Sealing 1

Seal the upside after putting the naked cell into soft aluminum foil .

Sealing 2

Seal the left side.

Insulation Test 2

Test insulation of the terminal of the battery and the aluminum foil.

Insulation Test 3

Test battery cell’s insulation again after sealing.

Vacuum Drying

Dry battery by vacuum, eliminate humid air gas completely, to make sure battery’s quality.


Test battery’s internal resistance and the amount of electrolyte, see if it meets design requirements.


Charge and discharge the battery for the first time or more times, connect it to computer, monitor and record its performance indicators

Air exhausting

Air will exit inside battery after charging, draw it away until vacuum.

Sealing 4

Seal the right side, to insure good sealing performance.


Cut the redundant soft aluminum foil and fold it automatically with an automatic folding machine.

Capacity testing

Sort batteries according to their capacity with high-precision sorting equipments, which is watched and recorded their performances by computers at all times.

Aging testing

Store batteries in batches in warehouse after inspecting their internal resistance, voltage, capacity and size in the conditions of 10~45℃


Cut the redundant soft aluminum foil and fold it automatically with an automatic folding machine.

Final inspection

Inspect performance indexes of finished batteries according to GB/T18287-2000,strictly in accordance with GB/T2828.1 to make outgoing quality control, every singlebattery must pass sampling inspection before leaving factory.