Lithium ion 18650 ebike battery Packs

As a major supplier of Lithium ion ebike battery pack maufactuer based in Shenzhen China. CMX provide high quality 18650 li ion battery for ebike. Rechargeable e bike is popular everwhere, A high quality and low price Lithium ebike battery is the most important part of it. Most of our bike battery pack products apply with rechargeable 16850 cells. In additional, we use 26650 and LiFePo4 cells as well. In this way, to adapt with different size e bikes. Coremax has more then 10 years experiences of manufacturing lithium ebike battery packs. Our company will unswerving uphold the business principle of”Zero Torence on Quality problems, and 8 hours fast response for any problems customer meets”.

  • Battery cell we use – Most well know brand like, LG 18650, Sumsung, Panasonc, Sony,Boston, Tesla cells.

  • Different Size available – Besides our ready to use e bike battery case. Coremax provide custom size e bike batteries. Like 18Ah and 20Ah.

  • Competitive factory price– We are a Shenzhen China based factory. Provide wholesale low price on all standard 36 ,48 ,52,72 volt models.

  • Quality Gurranty– CMX provide 3 years warranty for all models. Any problem, we will take care off it. Quality control is focus.

Lithium ion 18650 battery due to high operating voltage, small size, light weight, high energy, no memory effect, no pollution, low self discharge, long cycle life. Now, It is widely used for all kinds electric bicycle. Panasonic GA, Panasonic PF, Samsung 25r, and Samsung 30q, these model are most popular cells for ebike. You can tell us what cells is required. So can make custom with your prefered cells.

Advantages of Coremax electric e bike battery

Reach experience on power bike battery production. Coremax is one of the first company start bike battery pack production from China. UP to now, we have service for more then 100 brand electronic bike manufactuer and trader. Wish your company become next one happy client.

  • CUSTOM e bike BATTERY DESIGN- Coremax offers Custom Electric Bike Battery Pack Design Services for all of our customers without any charges, You can work closely with our Engineer from the initial stage.

  • Regulations Certified–10 Years of experience Manufacturer on rechargeable Lithium batteries. ensure that All your Electric Bike battery packs are made right every time. certificates like UL, KC, PSE, IEC.

  • UN Test report– Coremax has Already done most the certificates including MSDS And UN 38.3 just ensure your fast Transport by Train Sea Or Air, We will assist On transportation or even taxes for your e bike battery pack

Produce a lithium bike battery could be very easy now. I believe most of the supplier is capable to doing the same thing. Why work with Coremax? Because we always think beyond only just buy and sell relationship. Not just simply delivery a production to clients. We are pass our responsibility. To customer and also to end lithium battery user. can’t ensure a cheapest e bike battery for you. But we can make sure, every battery from Coremax is reliable and safty to use.

Lithium ion 36v ebike batteries

Lithium ion 36v ebike battery is the most popular model. Widely used for different brand ebike or DIY bikes.  It can power a 500W or even 800Watt ebike motor or scooters. The 36 volt li ion electric bike battery pack is made by 10S 18650 cells. To increase the pack capacity, need to add more in parallel. CMX e-bike pack with built in a BMS. Most of packs with standard casing. However, we accept to make different shape /style as a custom 36 volt ebike battery pack.

Down Tube Ebike Battery Pack

Down Tube Ebike Battery Pack

Voltage: 36 volt

Pack type: 10S4P/ 10S/5P/ 10S/6P

Cell Type: 18650 Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic

Rear Rack Lithium Battery Packs

Rear Rack Lithium Battery Packs

Voltage: 36v

Pack type: 10S4P/ 10S/5P/ 10S/6P

Cell Type: 18650 Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic

Frog ebike battery pack

Frog ebike battery pack

Voltage: 36 v

Pack type: 10S4P/ 10S/5P/ 10S/6P

Cell Type: 18650 Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic

48v lithium battery for electric bike

36v ebike battery

48v 10Ah Lithium ion 18650 packs

48v ebike batteries build by 13S4P 18650 cells. Most popular electric bicycle battery

48v e bike battery

hailong ebike battery pack 48v 15ah

48v ebike battery build by 13S 18650 cells. Hailong is also one of most popular model with low price

Check this 48v ebike battery

60v ebike battery

48v 20ah ebike battery

Custom made 48 v ebike battery custom accroding to the E bike motor / controller design.

Send request for Custom 48v ebike battery

How much is electric bike batteries cost?

Normally, a battery is the heaviest and the most expensive part of an electric bike. To know the cost of ebike battery,
1. We need to know what is the voltage and capacity.
2. Determine what 16850 cells want for the electric bike. Different cells price also different cell.
3. What battery casing wanted? The battery casing will make price different, but also can check the availability. Factory will not able to make the ebike battery with a casing we don’t has in stock.
4. Send email to get a final quotation for you.
Technology is advancing fast, so check with your ebike retailer first to ensure that battery isn’t outdated or difficult to replace.

Ebike BMS

BMS connection

Battery Management System (usually short for BMS), which is an electronic regulator that mainly designed to monitor and control the charging and discharging voltage and current of lithium battery cells or other rechargeable cells.
E bike battery pack that contain too many battery cells, since battery cells voltage and capacity are not performing the same all the time, that’s why BMS comes out. A BMS is a simple electronics system to measure and control voltage and current. and it will stop charging when the desired voltage is reached.

Select the Right BMS for ebike:

  • The price cost of BMS will make the ebike pack price different. A Right BMS should related to your ebike motor and controller. Determine the power of motor and know the discharge current from pack.
  • Knowing what protection is required. Beside the basic protections like, over charge, over discharge, over current, over temp, and short circut. Find what eles you will need from BMS. Just like some communication protocol or external monitor APP by bluetooth?

Custom Your E bike Battery Now ?

Stay and keep in touch with Coremax for Most reliable Custom Lithium 18650 e bike Batteries.

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