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12v rechargeable lithium ion-li ion battery pack deep cycle

Based in China, Coremax Technology is a skilled custom manufacturer of 12 volt lithium-ion batteries. We maintain a large quantity of these battery packs in stock, with capacities ranging from 3000mAh to 20000mAh. Our battery packs contain cells made by top brands like 18650, 26650, and 32650, or prismatic cells enclosed in PVC, plastic, or metal casing. Our products have versatile utility in various industries, such as marine, CCTV cameras, LED lights, mobile phone spammer, solar power systems, electric garden sprayer, electric lawn sprayers, handheld electric airless sprayers, and mechanical cotton picker. We use advanced lithium deep-cycle battery technology to ensure that you receive a stable, high-quality product, and we can customize features as per your requirements. Additionally, we offer labeling, shrink-wrapping, custom termination, or plastic encloses to suit your needs.

12v dc battery

12 volt 10Ah Lithium Battery with ABS casing

At Coremax, we place great emphasis on producing top-notch yet affordably-priced 12V DC battery pack products that feature 12V 4S BMS or 12V 3S BMS. Our products are designed to perform better than required, being eco-friendly and cost-effective too. Our list of certifications includes MSDS UN 38.3, IEC, KC, among others, which attest to our firm commitment to quality. Our main focus lies in delivering expert, high-quality solutions for lithium-ion battery packs. Our 12V lithium-ion battery packs are renowned for their ability to meet the power demands of high-energy density, small, lightweight, and pollution-free applications. Every battery pack from CMX Battery comes equipped with a mandatory battery management system (BMS) installed to ensure their safe operation. Our R&D department, comprising 10 accomplished engineering professionals, can design customized BMS functions tailored to meet unique client requirements.

In Stock 12v li ion battery

The 12V li-ion battery pack is popular in various fields such as CCTV, cameras, RVs, and marine applications. At Coremax, we have designed many types of battery packs for you to choose from, which are specifically designed to power system devices that use 12V DC battery. These battery packs are built using top-tier materials and technologies, ensuring that they are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. Whether you require a standard 12V li-ion battery pack or a custom-made solution, we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

lithium ion trolling motor battery charger

Our 12V li-ion battery packs are ideal for a wide range of devices such as wireless transmitters, CCTV cameras, LED lights, mobile phone spammer, solar power systems, emergency power systems, electric garden sprayers, electric lawn sprayers, handheld electric airless sprayers, electric garden tiller cultivator, and mechanical cotton pickers.

We also offer optional designs to include power on/off switches and remaining power indicators. Our battery packs come in different capacities, including 12V 2000mAh, 3000mAh, 5000mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh, 12000mAh, 20000mAh, and 30000mAh. Capacities are also expressed as 12V 5Ah, 12V 10Ah, 12V 12Ah, 12V 30Ah, and 12V 40Ah.

Our products are readily available, with many regular 12V battery pack models in stock for your selection. We offer different casing styles, including PVC casing, plastic casing, and metal casing, to meet your specific needs.

We also provide full custom design options, with low minimum order quantities (MOQ), allowing you to create a tailored battery pack suitable for your requirements.

12v lithium battery pack Design

At Coremax, our design services can help you from the early design stage to the final mass production. Typically, when using IFR18650 or any other LiFePo4 battery cells, we use 12V 4S BMS. However, when applying ICR18650 or NCM lithium polymer cells, we recommend using 3S BMS. We believe in working together with you, from providing industrial design suggestions to selecting the appropriate battery type and guidance on architecture. Our goal is to help save you time and resources, and support you in bringing your designs to market successfully.

Our main 12V rechargeable battery pack products are built using 18650 cells, prismatic LiFePo4 cells, and lithium polymer cells. In addition to the 12V battery pack, we can provide related 12V lithium battery chargers, at a very low cost.

custom lithium ion battery packs

With over 15 years of experience, Coremax’s R&D team and engineers are experts in the manufacturing and design of lithium-ion battery packs. Our expertise and experience can help ensure that you receive the most favorable pack that meets or exceeds your expectations.

To begin customizing your 12V battery pack, simply send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help you create a tailored solution that is perfect for your needs.

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List of Coremax 12v Lithium ion battery Packs

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Caution About lithium battery

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  • Lithium ion battery are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled.
  • Make sure user has enough knowledge on Li-ion rechargeable batteries in Charging, discharging and assembly before use.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these Li-ion batteries.
  • Strongly suggest that you use our smart Li-ion battery charger to recharge The battery pack.
  • Never use conventional DC adapter to charge the battery module.

Thanks to its higher voltage per cell and higher energy density, rechargeable lithium ion batteries are becoming popular for 12v li ion battery packs for applications where dimension, weight and run-time are important. Coremax develops a wide range of Li-ion battery packs of various voltage and capacity. These packs are made with best matching cells, sophisticated PCB electronics control for chagring and discharging optimization, and thus provide consistent life time performance. We have customized Li-ion battery packs for a wide range of application in medical,transportation, tracking and security, and other special and industrial applications. Our rich experience and knowledge with the cells, PCB and pack assembly differentiate our products.We can make any battery pack based on customer design, from 3.7V to 48V, from 60mAh to 1Ah.

12v100ah lifepo4
What are the possible reasons why the battery and battery pack are not charged?2020-03-24T12:19:03+00:00

What would cause a battery or battery pack not to take a charge?

  • Zero voltage battery or zero voltage battery in the battery pack;

Lithium ion battery like polymer or 18650 li ion. They are very sensitive on low voltage. Normally, the battery or battery pack come with BMS, it has the function prevent over discharge. However, the bms circuit could be damaged for some reason. And battery cell fully discharged to 0. In this situation. The battery cell could be damaged permanently.

  • Battery pack connection error, internal electronic components, protection circuit abnormal;
  • Charging equipment failure, no output current;
  • External factors cause charging efficiency to be too low (e.g. very low or very high temperature).
battery pack are not charged

What to do when the battery pack does not charge

7.4v icr 18650 lithium ion battery packs

Step 1. Check the connections.
It may seem improbable, but the stability of any power connection is limited by its weakest link. Check the contacts and terminals for dirt, oils, corrosion, excessive wear or anything that can hamper a good, stable connection. This includes the battery contacts with application, in the charger, and on the battery itself.

Step 2. Reseat the battery in the devices.
It seems unlikely, but it happens. Some application require a tight fit with the battery and may seem attached when they are not fully locked in place. Make sure the battery is seated properly and the battery pack locks firmly in place when attaching it.

Step 3. Verify you are using the correct battery charger.
Using the wrong charger can not only prevent your  battery from charging properly, it could damage your equipment. It can also be potentially dangerous.

Step 4. Check to be sure the charger is plugged in and turned on.
Sound silly, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t really, because it does happen. It’s one of the easiest mistakes to make when charging a fleet of batteries and one of the simplest to resolve.

Step 5. Reseat the  battery in the charger.
Battery seems like it’s connected to the charger when it’s not making contact at all. If it is a drop-in or desktop charger with a pocket or tray, the radio and/or battery may be able to sit in the tray without actually touching the contacts. If it is a plug-in type of charger, the plug may not be fully inserted. Be sure the radio/battery is properly seated or fully connected and the charging indicator light is on.

Step 6. Charge another battery of the same make and model in the charger.
Determine if the issue is really with the battery pack.

Step 7. Swap out the charger.
Sometimes a dead battery is the result of a dead charger.

Step 8. Charge the battery again.
Just to be sure, give it another chance.

Every battery has a limited life span determined by a number of different factors, including but not limited to how and where it is used, how much it is used and under what conditions. There is no set time table before a battery “kicks the bucket”. If your battery has reached its End of Life, it’s time to purchase a new one.

What are the main factors affecting battery cycle life ?2020-03-24T08:05:39+00:00

What are the main factors affecting battery life? 3 things you must know.

There are different reason affecting battery cycle life. Here we peak up some Main reasons to explain. So you can have a better understanding and how to take care of your batteries.

cycle life

Charge the battery:

When selecting a charger, it is best to use a charger with the correct termination charging device (e.g. anti-overcharge, negative voltage differential (-dV) cut-off charging and anti-overheating sensing) to prevent the battery shorten circle-life due to overcharge. In general, slow charging extends battery life more than faster charging. So, we suggest charging a battery with small current go gain longer life cycles.


The depth of discharge is the main factor affecting battery life cycles, and the higher the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life. In other words, reducing the depth of discharge can significantly extend the battery life. Because

For this reason, we should avoid over-setting the battery to very low voltages.

  • When the battery is discharged at high temperatures, it shortens the life of the battery.
  • If the design of electronic equipment can not completely stop all current, if the equipment is put on hold for a long time, without removing the battery, its residual current will sometimes cause the battery to be excessively consumed, resulting in excessive discharge of the battery.
  • When a battery with different electrical capacity, chemical structure or different charging levels is mixed, and a battery of different ages and sizes, the battery will also discharge too much, and may even cause anti-polar charging.
LiFePo4 battery cell cycle life


If the battery is stored at high temperatures for a long time, it will attenuate its electrode activity and shorten its service life.

48 volt lithium ion battery pack
How to make a 12 volt rechargeable lithium battery pack2019-11-20T06:31:35+00:00

Make a 12 volt rechargeable lithium battery pack

Rechargeable lithium batteries produce 3.7 or 3.2 volts, depending on the type of battery and the chemicals it uses. To make batteries with higher voltages, manufacturers link identical batteries in a series circuit. In this way the voltages of the individual batteries are added together, so three 3.7-volt battery cells become one 12-volt battery (3.7x 3 = 11.1 volt). You can use the same electrical technique to create your own battery packs at home. Doing so requires basic math and no electronic skills.

Select the type of batteries from which to create a 12 volt rechargeable lithium battery pack. You might consider their size, shape or amp/hour capacity to be important, or you may just choose the batteries readily available where you live. It is important to use identical batteries in your pack. They must all have the same voltage and current characteristics.

Calculate how many batteries you need by dividing 12 by the voltage of the batteries.

Link together the batteries, connecting the positive terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the second. Link all the batteries in the same way, always joining opposite polarity terminals. You can stack cylindrical batteries, such as the A, C and D series batteries, on top of each other in a plastic or cardboard tube, or wrap them together in sticking tape. When using larger batteries with spring terminals, such as rectangular 6-volt batteries, join them with short lengths of wire.

Run a wire from the unused terminals at each end of the line of batteries. The voltage between the two wires is 12 volts.

If you want DIY for fan, Welcome to discuss and get help from Coremax Technical team. If you are looking for a professional 12 volt rechargeable lithium battery pack, please send business inquiry to Coremax. We are glad to offer all in one solution for you.

custom li ion battery pack
IFR32650 solar light batteries
how to charge a 12 volt lithium battery2021-04-19T16:41:08+00:00

How to charge a 12 volt lithium ion battery

First check what kind of lithium battery you have. There are major 2 type of lithium battery in the market. 3.7v cell and 3.2v cell. And find out the full charge voltage. If the cell is 3.7v. Nomally full charge voltage is 12.6v( 3S lithium ion battery. when fully charged, each cell 4.2 volt). While if it is 3.2v cell. When it fully charged, the voltage is 3.65 volt. 12 volt lithium battery pack fully charged is 14.6 volt.( 4S 3.2 v cell). Make sure your charger voltage is compatable with the 12v lithium battery.

Please note that not all Li-ion batteries charge to the voltage threshold of 4.20V/cell. Lithium iron phosphate typically charges to the cut-off voltage of 3.65V/cell and lithium-titanate to 2.85V/cell. Some Energy Cells may accept 4.30V/cell and higher. It is important to observe these voltage limits.

18650 top button protection circut
3.2v 310Ah large capacity

Important to Lithium battery chargers

Lithium cells (18650, lipos, LiFePo4 etc.) which require the charging cycle CC-CV (constant current, constant voltage). The battery system may work for other types for batteries as well, as long as they wants to be charged with CCCV.

CC-CV varies the voltage to constantly deliver the current set by you. When the voltage reaches the battery’s maximum charge voltage, the current is gradually decreased so that the voltage does not exceed the set value.

3.2 volt solar batteries 16850

3.2v LiFePo4 cells

sony 21700

3.7v Lithium ion cells

Lithium battery Charger guide List

Nominal Voltage Battery type series Charging voltage
12v 3.7v lithium ion 3 12.6v
3.2v LiFePo4 4 14.6v
24v 3.7v lithium ion 7 29.4v
3.2v LiFePo4 8 29.2v
36v 3.7v lithium ion 10 42v
3.7v lithium ion 11 46.2v
3.2v LiFePo4 11 40.15v
3.2v LiFePo4 12 43.8v
48v 3.7v lithium ion 13 54.6v
3.7v lithium ion 14 58.8v
3.2v LiFePo4 15 54.8v
3.2v LiFePo4 16 58.4v
60v 3.7v lithium ion 17 71.4v
3.2v LiFePo4 20 73v
72v 3.7v lithium ion 20 84v
3.2v LiFePo4 24 87.6v

Custom Your 12v rechargeable battery pack Now ?

Stay and keep in touch with Coremax for Most reliable Custom 12v li ion rechargeable battery pack.

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Our prismatic cells already pass UL, MSDS, UN38.3, CE. These certification are available without ask customer to pay additional certification cost.

Shipping of Lithium Batteries:

Since our battery cells all passes MSDS, UN38.3 . And also we We can hold shipping documents.Ship our batteries by Air flight or by sea all is acceptable.



We provide 8 years for our batteries cells. 5 years for our battery packs. The warranty is only available for professional customer’s. Custom who without lithium battery knowledge and abuse with the batteries will be limited on warranty period.

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