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What we do? Custom 18650 battery pack design

Simply Contact with our Sales engineer Your application type, Discharge capability.. We will gather from you based on the application. Get ready on the first prototype, when you recieved and approvided the prototypeStart the bulk production the the 18650 battery pack!

  • Provide Fully Solution on battery management system design. Make sure a efficient Protection.

  • Maximun optimize the Battery demensions. Based on the application, give recommendation on 18650 cell selection.

  • Provide 18650 Battery casing design. We accept customer’s drawing design. And also we can make desgin based on requirments.

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18650 battery cell: Use the right 18650 battery cells!

There are too many different type of 18650 battery cells in market. Based on your application, it’s important to select a right 18650 lithium ion battery

Popular Brand li ion rechargeable battery 18650

samsung INR18650 30Q SDI

Samsung 18650 cells


Sony 18650 battery

panasonic NCR18650B

Panasonic 18650 cells top button

There is a reason why these brand 18650 cells became famous or popular in people’s mind. Popular brand li ion rechargeable battery 18650 cells is easy to get with High quality, stable discharge, long life cycles. At the same time, there are expensive in price. For example, when make a battery pack for medical treatment device, we would recommed these brand like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic..Becasue these kind of device can’t afford a failue from the 18650 battery pack. Some times, we would rather pay more to keep away from troubles. Like we always saying, nothing is worth more then people’s life.

Custom 18650 battery pack BMS/PCM Selection

small 18650 battery pack PCB

1S 3.7v or 3.2v PCM

3S 16850 Battery pack BMS

3S 11.1v 18650 battery pack BMS

4S 18650 battery pack BMS

4S 14.8v 18650 battery pack BMS

8S 24 volt LiFePo4 battery pack BMS

8S 25.6v Battery pack BMS

16S 48 volt BMS protection

8S 18650 24v BMS for LiFePo4

UART 485 smart BMS

Smart BMS with UART/485 Bluetooth


BMS with Relay

Battery managment system with Relay

It is necessary to have a right BMS or PCM( also call PCB) protection for the 18650 battery pack design. Only with a BMS, it could be a complete pack. Custom 18650 battery pack design required a custom BMS also. We provide full solution on BMS part. Like 1 single cell PCB, 2S for 7.4 volt. 3S for 12 volt, 4S for LiFePo4 cells. 8S, 10S, 13S, 16S. S means series in short. The discharge current design could be custom also. From small mA to largest 600A discharge current. Our BMS can optional with Bluetooth for communication. UART/485, BQ40Z50. For large system, we can provide design with relay.

Custom 18650 battery pack Casing Design

  • Simply with heat shrink PVC pack design. Heat shrink PVC for small 18650 battery pack design is very popular.

  • Embedded Custom battery casing. We can design any ABS casing for your battery pack. Embedded with your devices.

  • With Standard ABS design. The most popular model as our 12volt and 24 volt Battery packs

  • Design battery casing with metal. Stainless steel provide strong protection for large battery system.

  • Design the standard 19-inch rack module for Energy storage systems. Like BYD B-box or pylontech Style.

  • Other Battery casing based on given design from customer.

Why Work with CMX?

military batteries production
  • CMX provide standard size with various capacity options: From 1500mAh to 3500mAh individual battery cells are optional for different electric modules.

  • Various output current and voltage: The charging limit voltage from 4.2V to 4.35V and high drain maximum 30A of individual battery cell for many special applications.

  • Wide operating temperature: From -20 degree C to 60 degree C could meet almost civil electric applications.

  • Flexible battery pack shape: The battery pack could be tailored square,round,triangle,tube,or other irregular shape.

  • High quality with long-term warranty: 12-24 months warranty limited after sold.

  • Lightweight, free-maintenance,small size, high energy: Comparing with acid-lead, Ni-MH,Ni-CD rechargeable batteries, Li ion battery pack could save much size and weight.

E-bike, scooter, E-chairs & Golf-cart: These kinds of applications require high power voltage and high safety li ion batteries pack of 24V,36V,48V,60V,72V. We make all of battery packs with original 18650 battery cells from Samsung, Sanyo or Panasonic, and built smart BMS in the battery pack.

Fish-boat & Robot & handle electric tools: Li ion battery cell the model of 18650 is the most popular to make battery packs used for these sort of applications due to its flexible shape, high drain discharging.

Uninterruptable power system for telecom station base, LED/LCD advertising billboard and solar panel system: These electric modules require li ion battery pack as DC power supplying, may need battery packs come with high capacity(Ah) and high voltage, but also need battery pack having integrated BMS with LCD parameter display for set-up and reconfiguration. CMX developed mature BMS solutions of Li ion battery pack with remote management functions that insure you to manage and monitor your battery power supply by internet.

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