How to custom made lithium ion battery packs

How to make lithium battery pack? Normally, A customer don’t want to share their new project information with supplier, but this is could be a frustrate to custom made battery packs, unless customer knows very well on the battery requirments. There are many battery chemistries, and Coremax battery engineer knows what fit best for your design.

Custom battery design of Cylindrical Battery of 18650 Battery Cell and 26650

How to make li ion battery pack? Li ion battery cell 18650 is the most popular Choice whenever you have lithium battery requirement. The reason is because Li ion 18650 is the standard cell. When you make custom lithium battery packs, will never wast your time to waiting production of the cells. What’s more? You can start with small quantity order. The same reason for 26650 and 32650 cylindrical cells.

If the Dimensions no problem. Consider cylindrical batteries like 18650 , 26650, 32650  for your project as priority, as they have a large stock in the market, it can really get your product into mass production much faster.

Applications of 18650 custom battery packs :

Ultrasound devices, Drug delivery systems, Patient monitors, Imaging systems: popular brands like Spectrum Imaging;ACD Systems;Orbital Atk;ECRM;Sirona;Nexus Publications, medical/hospital cart, Ventilators, Defibrillators: Advanced Life Support (ALS), Automated External Defibrillators (AED), Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Surgical tools: includes ENT Instruments Haemostatic Forceps Diagnostic Instruments Home Surgical Kit Anesthesia, Motorized wheelchairs, Medical UPS Systems. Electric bike battery.

Lithium Polymer Battery Cell like LP103450 LP803860

LP103450 2000mah

Lipo battery LP103450 2000mah

706090 3.7v

lithium polymer LP706090

LP902550 3.7v

lipo cell LP902550 3.7v

For example: Our model 103450 like above picture, it’s 10mm(Thickness)*34mm(Width)*50mm(Height), and you can calculate the capacity with its Volume times Ratio(0.09-0.13) like above 10*34*50*0.115=1955mAh. So, we can offer 2 different model. 1 with 2000mah, another with 1800mah.

Remember the Ratio is changing regarding the volume but generally, you can treat it 0.11-0.12

Let’s know the max dimension of your battery and ask your vendor for an off-the-shelf model of lipo battery, this can help your project start much faster, this is really important if you want make your project going smooth and not let the battery delays your project.

Applications of custom Lithium polymer batteries :

  • Portable Equipment:
    Post machine, handset, portable printer, data terminal;
  • Medical Instruments:
    Ecg monitoring instrument, ultrasonic, breath machine, electrocardiograph
  • Industrial instrument and communication instrument:
    Flaw detector, fusion splicer, optical power meter, gas detector
  • Consumer Electronics:
    PDA, MID, PC, POS machine, electric tool, laptop. Ebike, emergency light power, data camera, DV, speaker, mp3, mp4 portable DVD and so on.
  • Portable Equipment:
    POS, Portable printer, handset. Electric toy: RC car/ boat/helicopter etc.

LifePo4 custom made battery packs

Custom lithium ion battery with Case

custom lithium ion battery packs

Custom lithium battery pack with IFR32650

Why USE A LiFePo4 as custom lithium battery packs

  • LiFePO4 batteries include advanced protection-circuit-modules (PCM) that confer overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit protection ,etc.
  • High energy density: Triple of lead-acid battery and twice of nickel battery.
  • Wide range of operating temperature: charging temperature 0℃~45℃; discharging temperature -20℃~65℃.
  • Good charging retention: batteries can be stored for long period with high residual capacity, because of low self-discharge.
  • High rate discharging: the battery can keep discharging under 10C rate and its instant pulse discharge is over 20C.
  • Good security: more safe than common lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery.
  • No memory effect: there is no need to discharge the battery before charging.
  • Long cycle life: more than 3000 cycles.
  • Environmental friendly: No cadmium, lead or mercury are added.
  • Low cost: Fe and phosphoric acid are common components in the earth.

Applications of custom Lithium polymer batteries :

Custom lithium battery packs LiFePO4 battery with highest grade of safety, high energy density, long cycle life, and low cost, so that lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery) is regarded as the best choices for new age power sources. Coremax custom made lithium LiFePo4 battery packs a complete line of 12V 24V 36V 48V 60v 72V. The LiFePO4 batteries for use in solar energy storage, robotic, medical, instrument, Lithium marine industry, Lithium forklift battery pack and much more.

Working Current and Peak Current

Working Current/ Constant Discharge Current means the current the device draws in general, if you don’t have an engineer to know about it, let us know the watt of the device.

Peak Current also called pulse current or Max current which is mostly used to describe current that may happen in seconds when device just start and may have a high drain current requirement(normally seen when there is motor inside)

Expected Working hours of the Battery

It’s really important that you let us know the capacity of the battery you want to make. Battery capacity is measured in mAh or Ah.

Working hours are very important as that will decide the battery pricing, as well as battery size.

Dimensions or Size Requirement

Just make sure the custom lithium ion battery packs will fit in your devices or applications. In some cases that you might have already wanted the battery to be in-house, let us know what room is left for the battery

Find out which case is suitable for your custom battery design

Available 3 types  casing for custom made battery packs: PVC, Plastic casing, metal casing

custom lithium ion battery packs

Which Connector Should I use?

Popular types like JST, JSH.Molex, Anderson,  The cable and connector is very important also. Different AWG and different connector will sustain different current. If the cable and connector is not suitable, could be a big problem also.

battery pack connectors

How to make a battery pack ?

Lithium ion battery with highest energy density. it’s lightweight and offers long cycle life that makes it the best product for battery solutions.

Coremax focus on producing custom li ion battery pack & lithium ion battery packs design. we will manufacture custom lithium ion battery packs in an exceedingly vary of chemistry sorts and configurations to satisfy your performance and size necessities.

Our Rich expertise and experience can deliver a higher performance and dependability of batteries you would like. we provide each with custom lithium battery packs and again yes, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer batteries to allow our customers a broad vary of prospects for your custom battery pack styles.

Coremax prides itself on exploitation solely the best quality cells to assemble battery packs for you. All of our batteries have long track records of safety and standards to meet the Coremax quality principle.

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