About 36v lithium ion battery packs

36v lithium ion battery packs is mostly used for ebike, electric hoverboard, scooters, marine. With our custom service, The battery packs is design suitable for most of popular motors like 500w, 600w, 800w. Required by the different shape of battery pack and space of different bicycle. Mostly we use 18650 cells 10 pcs in series. The Most popular cell brand like Samsung, Sony, LG. The Li ion battery pack built in with BMS. This is a protection of battery. Make sure the 36v li ion battery pack is safty during people use it.

Depending on customer’s requirment, Coremax offer different capacity on 36 volt lithium ion battery pack. Our most popular capacity like 4.4ah, 8ah, 10ah, 12ah, 13ah, 15ah, 16ah, 20ah. Of cause, we can custom any capacity size as you required. Just make sure your battery space is acceptable.

Custom Design supported

If you can’t find a suitable model on our list. Please just simply contact with our sales team. We are glad to help make a custom 36 v lithium ion battery pack for you. Don’t worry about the MOQ. It’s very low, The price we are sales is very low also. You could send email to us. And remermber write down your Technical requirments on it. Our engineer will give a best solution and price for you quickly. Our contact email here.

OEM 36v Lithium Battery production Process:

18650 cell selectionpack in productionpack readyBMS installPVC shinkpack in testing