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SAMSUNG 18650 rechargeable battery CELLS

Samsung is a global leader in lithium ion battery 18650 cell production also, with high-tech automation and robotics production processes. The most Popular models like 20C, 22P, 26D 28A SDI, 30a, 15q, 20r, 20s, 26j, 28a, 30a, 30b, 24s, 25r, 25s, 26f, 26h, 29e, 30q, 30t, 35e, 36g,. They are widely apply in different industry area.

samsung INR18650 30Q SDI
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The Most Popular samsung 18650 rechargeable battery cells

samsung sdiem 18650

ICR18650-22P 2200mAh

Samsung rechargeable battery 18650 SDI HM4T 22 P

samsung sdi battery 18650

samsung 25s 18650 2500mah

Samsung li ion 18650 25S oringinal cells

Samsung r25 battery 18650

samsung 25r 18650 cells provide 10C 20A discharge current.

samsung sdi icr18650 26f

Samsung sdi icr18650 26f

Samsung 26f 18650 2600mah provide 20A-30A discharge

samsung 18650 rechargeable battery

Samsung 26h 18650

Samsung 18650 rechargeable battery 26HM FM/JM

samsung icr 18650 battery

Samsung 29e 18650

3.7V INR18650-29E 2900mah. max Discharge 3C 10A.

samsung 35e 18650

Samsung 35e 18650

INR18650-35E 3500mAh 3.7v 25A Discharge Current

samsung 18650 lithium battery pack

Battery Pack with LG Chem 18650

CMX Custom Make samsung 18650 battery pack for different applications

Did you get an oringinal samsung li ion 18650 cell?

Accroding to our experience on how to judge if it is an oringinal samsung cells 18650. Following are 4 easy tips how to judge it. Or maybe you have any other better idea, please share with us.

  1. Test the Discharge rate of your samsung 18650 lithium battery. See if the cell able to normal discharge as specified by offical datasheet. For example, samsung 20q 18650 discharge current 20A. If your cell can’t provide such current. Means it is fake or bad cell.
  2. There is a internal resistance for each samsung cells. check if the IR same as specified.
  3. Self Discharge rate. If your cell voltage drop alow after fully charged. Means this cell with some problem or bad cell.
  4. Samsung 18650 lithium battery original battery surface after matte treatment, and feel smooth, delicate, while high imitation battery surface matte treatment feel very raw.

If you are looking for Custom Lithium ion battery packs. Please contact with our sales team.

This is a battery without any protection. If you need PCM top button 18650 battery with PCM, please check here.