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48v 100ah golf cart battery

CMX factory 48 volt lithium ion lifepo4 golf cart eco 48v 105ah battery pack for golfcart

  • Nominal voltage: 48 volt
  • Nominal capacity: 105Ah
  • Discharge Capability: 200A
  • Application: Golf cart, electric Scooters
  • Cell Type: eve Lithium ion LiFePo4 prismatic Grade A cells

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lithium ion golf cart batteries 48v is the most standard battery voltage for regular golf cart. Coremax offer wide range 48 volt battery pack for different golfcart brand. Include 36v. 48v, 72v and 96v. Depending on battery housing space, We provide customized solution based on different model.


About the Coremax Golf cart battery

Coremax developed this 48v 105Ah Lithium ion LiFePo4 battery from 2021. The battery pack build with A grade prismatic lithium batteries. 16pcs in parallel. Nominal voltage 51.2 volt. Total capacity up to 105Ah based on 48 volt discharge. This battery pack come with built in smart BMS. The BMS with all basic protection. In additional, There is a bluetooth built in the battery pack. User can use a mobile phone app to monitor the battery state anytime while is using.

Safety and economical

As we all know, most of battery pack with a built in BMS. What makes Coremax 48v golf cart batteries different is, we has a smart bluetooth function for the battery pack. This helps user understand what is going on while charging or discharge. Besides the BMS. Coremax also included a hardware breaker. This will helps cut off the output or input if there is any over current happens. Maximun protect user and battery itself.

Excellent discharge characteristics

lifepo4 prismatic battery With low internal resistance and high, flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharge, which ensures a wider application field. Like Golf cart, Lithium RV battery packs. or any other backup power systems.

Long cycle life

Prismatic lifepo4 battery cells Provide long storage life with few limiting conditions. It offers problem-free charge after long storage, permitting to use in a wide range of applications.


  • OEM orders are available and looking for long term distributors/dealers.
  • Coremax prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery provide Superior quality and cost-performance ratio

The Golf cart LiFePO4 battery pack eco 48100EV not only has a built-in BMS system but has an integrated LCD screen that helps users quickly identify any issues and or quickly adjust any settings.

In additional, this 48V 100Ah battery packs with optional Bluetooth function. Allows you monitor the battery from an app available both android and IOS; it has significant advantages as a backup battery for communication equipment. The eco 48100EV features high power density, small size, long service life, resistance to high temperature, fast charging and discharging. It is a perfect battery bank for Golf cart or Marine.

Product Name

lifepo4 eco 48v 105ah battery pack for golfcart

Reference Made to GB/T18287-2000, UL1642 and IEC61960-1:2000.
Battery Type Lithium ion LiFePo4 prismatic cells Material LiFePO4
Part No.: eco 48v 105ah battery pack Shape Prismatic
Voltage/Capacity 3.2V/105Ah Sizes 140MM*160MM*23MM
Weight Approx. 50kg Package Al Case , Customized is available
Charge Voltage : 3.65V Cycle life 8000 cycles
Current : 0.2C~0.5C
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 2.5V
Current : 1C
Warranty One year Delivery Time 7-20 days, depending on stock and quantity.
Main Applications


  • Energy Storage: UPS , backup ,power station.
  • EV : Golfcart, marine, RV, CAMP
  • inverter Solar Storage System
  • Telecommunications Base Stations.
  • UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply).

compare with acid battery

Download The Eco golfcart battery Datasheet

  • Lastest Datasheet of Lithium ion LiFePo4 Battery from Coremax Technology. Eco Batteries are a direct replacement for many RV, motorhome, and trolling motor batteries. Our golf cart batteries come with everything you need to make replacing your batteries a breeze!
  • Eco Batteries are a direct replacement for many RV, motorhome, and trolling motor batteries. Our golf cart batteries come with everything you need to make replacing your batteries a breeze!
  • Charges 3X faster than lead acid systems. No memory effect, so you can charge partially or fully at any time. 2 hour recharge after an 18 hole round.
    Save over 300 lbs in your golf cart or motorhome, and 75 lbs in your fishing boat.
  • High output and longer run times. Give your golf cart a massive boost in speed and torque.

PDF Datasheet Here