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3.2v 100Ah cell

100Ah 3.2v LFP cell

Prismatic 100Ah lifepo4 Cell

This cell with 3.2 volt 100Ah capacity. A high capacity prismatic LiFePo4 cell. Suitable for solar energy storage DIY. Or professional battery pack factory. 3.2v 100ah lifepo4 battery cell can be use in parallel or in series for higher capacity and high voltage battery packs. Rated 1C discharge capability can meet different requirment like golfcart, scooter, solar battery storage system and so on.

  • Nominal voltage: 3.2 volt
  • Nominal capacity: 100Ah
  • Discharge Capability: 100A@3.2v 1C
  • Modules dimensions:48*173*115
  • Approved certifications: UL, MSDS, UN38.3, CE

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3.2v 100Ah LiFePo4 prismatic battery

Cmx offer bulk quantity lifepo4 battery 3.2v 100ah At low factory price. This 3.2v 100ah lifepo4 prismatic battery is a rechargeable LFP cell. It was developed for small EV, electronic bus, Electronic trucks and other vehicles. It is a perfect rechargeable LFP cell for solar energy storage system. The prismatic lifepo4 battery cells can satisfy your requirements from the Performance. Coremax keep bulk quantity of 3.2v LFP prismatic cells in Stock. Shipping directly from China factory without any distributors.

100Ah LFP cell

Safety and economical

100Ah 3.2v prismatic cells does not explode or catch fire like lithium cobalt (found in cell phones and laptops etc). It does not have toxic chemicals and offers four times the power density at a third of the volume compared to lead acid. For these reasons it’s safe for household use.

Each battery has passed lab test,  No need to worry for the cells pairing or matches. We will do these for you in advance. Make sure every unit are in the same condition in terms of voltage, internal resistance, capacity. Just easy to order it and begin your battery pack production.

Excellent discharge characteristics

The 3.2v 100Ah Lifepo4 cell With low internal resistance and high, flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharge, which ensures a wider application field. Like Golf cart, Lithium RV battery packs. or any solar energy storage systems.

Long cycle life

Prismatic lifepo4 battery cells Provide long storage life with few limiting conditions. This lifepo4 100ah cell offers problem-free charge after long storage, permitting to use in a wide range of applications.


  • OEM orders are available and looking for long term distributors/dealers.
  • Coremax prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery provide Superior quality and cost-performance ratio

If 100Ah LiFePo4 cell size is exceeded the dimensions. Here we have a 50Ah cell.

Product Name


Reference Made to GB/T18287-2000, UL1642 and IEC61960-1:2000.
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate battery Material LiFePO4
Part No.: LFP48173115-100Ah Shape Prismatic
Voltage/Capacity 3.2V/100Ah Sizes 115MM*173MM*48MM
Weight Approx. 2.1kg Package Al Case , Customized is available
Charge Voltage : 3.65V Cycle life 8000 cycles
Current : 0.2C~0.5C
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 2.5V
Current : 1C
Warranty One year Delivery Time 7-20 days, depending on stock and quantity.
Main Applications


  • Energy Storage: UPS , backup ,power station.
  • EV : Golf trolleys , Electric scooters .
  • Solar System,Wind Energy Storage,Solar/Storage Home System, Solar Street Light.
  • Telecommunications Base Stations.
  • UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply).
  • General Energy Storage (Such as: Back-up Power, Miner’s lamp, portable power supply, digital products etc.)

built in prismatic LiFePo4 cell