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18650 battery wrap custom shrink pack design

18650 battery wrap is a tiny slim PVC shrink to protect the batteries or packs. As the wrap shrink is easy for production. So this is widly used for 18650 cell production and also small 18650 battery pack production and design. CMX provide high quality battery wrap and accept custom design for custom packs. The most popular PVC shink like blue, red,green,white colors all available. Based on different industry, you can define which color is suitable for you Pack.

  • Material: PVC shrinkable
  • Suitable cells: 18650, 26650, 32650,32700 and packs
  • Standard: Rohs
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18650 battery wrap custom shrink

How much does custom 18650 battery wrap cost?

Custom battery wraps have gained so much popularity, many online retailers as well as individual vaping artisans haven commenced offering pre-wrapped batteries for sale online. They can be challenging to find, but there is literally a handful of them on Etsy, eBay, and other online sites. On these sites, you can find custom 18650 battery wraps starting from $4.99. The price is very cheap

Below is a quick overview of how to custom your 18650 battery wraps:

  1. Find Image or Template: Look out for pictures online of the design you want to have on your battery. Get the right dimension of the picture which suits your battery. Find layouts online you can use to have accurate dimensions for your battery. After then, you need to crop for resizing the fitting image.
  2. Print Image: Now, print off your pictures. You can take advantage of matte photo paper for higher quality and fewer odds of splitting. Cut out your images, and cut straight as well as trim the corners.
  3. Prepare Your 18650 battery: You should never place a new wrap on the pre-existing one, as this can result in tight fits in your batteries. To remove the pre-existing wrap, you can kindly make a small cut at the bottom of the battery wrap. Be cautious that you do not puncture or crack the battery itself.
  4. Arrange wrap: Your picture is ready and your batteries have been ready as well, cut off your transparent shrink tube to the correct battery size. Next, place your image in the tubes and slide your battery into it.
  5. Shrink: Once everything is done and your picture is correctly aligned, it’s the right time for shrinking the tubing. Take advantage of the heat pistol/hairdryer. Turn on your hairdryer for using it to heat the shrink wrap. Do it until the tubing is decent and snug around your battery.

That’s it and how you can be creative when it comes to your 18650 battery wraps.

What is 18650 battery wrap used for?

Your 18650 battery is unsafe without battery wrap as the whole battery cell is a negative terminal. If you do not use it, then your battery could be short and may result in an explosion. The wrap on your 18650 battery serves as a shield and guards it against any metal contact. It is important for your safety. So, the short answer to your question is that 18650 battery wrap is used to protect yourself. If you witness any tears or rips on your wrapping, then it’s the right time to either rewrap the batteries or replace them.

The 18650 battery has a dimension of 18mm X 65 mm. it is very imperative to take note of the battery size so as to get fitting battery wraps.

18650 battery wrap custom shrink2

Can you custom 18650 battery wrap?

The short answer to the question is YES. With the great success of custom 18650 battery wraps, several online retailers as well as individual vaping artisans have started providing pre-packed battery packaging. Custom 18650 battery packs can be a cost-efficient approach to give your 18650 battery a bit of flair or style without custom accessories.

18650 battery wrap