12v 200Ah LiFePo4 battery pack

12v 200Ah LiFePo4 battery Pack energy storage

Rechargeable 12v 200Ah LiFePo4 battery pack ( Lithium iron phosphate is made by 4S lifepo4 battery cells. The Battery pack come with metal casing. Build in BMS battery managment system. It is perfect altnative for traditional lead acid battery. Can be used for electronice vehicle like Electric Three wheelers Rickshaw, Electronic Golf car and other like Solar energy storage. The battery is mainly used in solar system, RV(mobile homes), yacht, boats, golf carts, marine car, light etc. Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge and over discharge and prolongs battery life. With rechargeable and great energy desity. And long cycle life.

Coremax Provide customized one single 12v/24v/48V/72v 100ah/200ah/300ah lithium module battery, with compact designed Metal Boxesbuilt-in BMS, and if necessary, we also can build a LCD display and a switch to turn off/on the power.


  • Type:12v LiFePo4 Battery Pack
  • Chemistry: lithium iron phosphate
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 12.8v
  • Capacity (mAh): 2000mAh
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 30A/Can be customized.
  • Battery Charging Current:
    • Standard: 10A
    • Rapid: 20A
  • Weight: Confirm
  • Dimensions: Custom (LxWxT)
  • Connector: Bare Leads/tinned/required Connector
  • Avg. Temperature Ranges for:
    • Charging: 0~50°C
    • Discharging: 20~70°C
    • Storage: 0~50°C
  • PCB/Pack Protection(for single cell voltages):
    • Over Charge Cutoff Voltage: 14.6 ± 0.025V
    • Over Discharge Cutoff: 8 ± 0.08V
    • Over Current Cutoff (Ah): 30± 2A

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